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What is WaSHMIS

WaSHMIS (Water Sanitation Hygiene Management Information System) is a cost effective, scalable and interoperable system aimed at improving service delivery by Water and Sanitation service providers (WSPs) in Kenya and beyond. It is being developed with Non Revenue Water (NRW) reduction in mind. For many water utilities in Africa, more than half of the water that is produced is not paid for in the end. As a result many utilities are struggling to improve their service delivery, let alone expand their coverage and connect new customers.

WaSHMIS works by linking a central asset database (GIS) with live data from the field (flow, pressure, level) plus billing data in order to do water balance calculation at the field level.

Development partners that have helped inspire the design of WaSHMIS include KEWASCO (Kericho Water and Sewerage Company) and SWAP-bfz.


WaSHMIS is specifically designed to provide services such as:

  • Central asset registration through a Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Reducing commercial and physical losses
  • Customer Identification surveys (CIS) and billing database reconciliation
  • Job tracking
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Dashboards for flow, pressure, level, GIS, performance, etc.
  • Automated early warning around performance of systems
  • Non Revenue Water (NRW) and Unaccounted For Water (UFW) reduction
  • Minimum Night Flow (MNF) measurements
  • Locating defaulters and tackling illegal connections



The core of WaSHMIS is formed by a Geographic Information System (GIS). A GIS is a spatial database for central storage of all map based data...

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Continuous logging and transmission of data on flow, pressure and level from sensors fitted on key locations ...

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JobCard, CIS and more

For WSPs setting up their GIS, data collection is a big task. WaSHMIS offers smart phone based data collection including Customer Identification Surveys (CIS)...

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An integrated billing system is a key to reducing NRW ...

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With a vast GIS database and live sensor readings coming in, one needs a place where it all comes together, this is the so-called dashboard...

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Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is of high importance in providing water and sanitation services, it was vital to add ...

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